Where the #*@ did 2015 go? It seems like time rushes by faster and faster with each passing year.

Many years ago, I struggled with the concept of 'letting go.' Looking back, I think it had a lot to do with an internal struggle I experienced to find my footing as I matured into adulthood. I spent a lot of time living in my head. Worrying. Analyzing. Moving my thoughts this way and that. I realized, slowly, that attachment to ego and projected self-image was keeping me stuck in the same place: repeating patterns and habits that were causing me unhappiness. I was aware of this cycle, but seemed unable to end it, to let it go.

Then, something shifted. I'm not even entirely sure how or why, but I am grateful. It was as if I was able to let go of everything at once. A liberating sense of loss of the past, loss of self — like losing all of one's earthly belongings to a raging fire, and realizing none if it had really mattered all along. That all of the meaningful things were intangible.

Ego attachment creates a cognitive dissonance between the way we perceive ourselves and 'our' world and the way things truly are. The 'true' self, the one that is in alignment and harmony with spiritual essence, isn't centered on the demands of ego, but on the higher values of love, truth, creativity, and compassion.

My goal for 2016 is to practice sacrificing ego, to shift focus from 'self' to 'being.' 

I love the following quote by Mahatma Ghandi. It resonates with how painfully my ears experience the world as of late, as if everyone is trying to shout their self-importance over one another, as if they alone possess the Earth.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."